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Perspectivist Connections...

a journal of insights from various viewpoints

An Organic Mandala?
Everybody has got to have a talent. What's yours??
4w5, 5w4, aaron sorkin, adaptation, almost famous, ancestral environments, arrested development, authenticity, ayn rand, bayesian updating, baz luhrmann, ben folds, benevolence, bjork, bring it on, cameron crowe, camper van beethoven, caveman diet, coen brothers, cognitive science, communication options, compatibilism, conceptual novelty, connections never die, continuous improvement, critical introspection, d/s, dangerous liaisons, david brooks, david byrne, david foster wallace, david mamet, dawson's creek, deadwood, deep thoughts, dinosaur noises, dresden dolls, dueling monologues, economics, edge.org, election, elvis costello, empire records, entj sometimes in groups, evolpsych, evolution, evolutionary psychology, extropy, faustian love, focus, fooled by randomness, friendship, futurism, game theory, general semantics, gilmore girls, gothic fetish, greg egan, grosse point blank, hbd, hypnotic moments, inspiration as fleeting opportunity, interaction design, interest lists, internet subcultures, intp, it's all invented, jesus and mary chain, jews, joey potter, kevin smith, kurt andersen, laughing at ken wilber, learning obsessively, magnificence, marketing, meditation, memetics, milan kundera, minimalism, modern humorist, moulin rouge, neil labute, neovictorianism, neurolinguistic programming, nietzsche, objectivism, organicism, original connecting, paleopsychology, passion, patterns, personal style, perspectivism, po bronson, poker, power exchange, productive feedback loops, psychological visibility, psychology, relationships, rem, richard linklater, robert heinlein, romantic love, sharp awareness, simple living, singularity, social engineering, sociobiology, software and life essays, solitude, spicy food, spiral dynamics, splendor, steve sailer, steven landsburg, steven pinker, subtext, suck.com, talking heads, the anniversary party, the art of possibility, the ben stiller show, the big lebowski, the diamond age, the lucifer principle, the machinery of freedom, the national, the rules of attraction, they might be giants, todd solondz, tom wolfe, tori amos, transhuman ideals, transhumanism, transparency, tv on the radio, usability, user interface design, vast, viral marketing, wes anderson, whit stillman, whitest kids u know, wonderfalls, yo la tengo, yoga