Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

some smart marketing

Our message is always geared toward, 'Here's a pain you have. Here's an educational tool to help.' [...] provide information of value that decision makers or influencers can have at their fingertips. [...]

1. Webinars -- Most of [these] run for about an hour
and feature four speakers including a non-biased moderator such
as the editor-in-chief of a related trade magazine. Generally an
industry pundit gives a trend overview and explains why the topic
is important. Then a few of PeopleSoft's own customers, such as
VPs of Supply Chain, speak about their own experiences on the
topic. These customer-speakers are often the most popular. In
fact more than 50% of attendee questions are for them, instead of
the pundits and gurus, because executives really like interacting
with their professional peers.
("Why PeopleSoft is Shifting Up to 50% More of Its Marketing Budget to Online Efforts", via WebVoice)
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