Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

glad to hear it

Last week, I noticed a couple livejournal threads populated by people (mostly men) bleating about how hard it is to find lasting love.

People who, in the same breath, righteously listed strings of absolute GPA-cutoff-style evaluative criteria for even *meeting someone* alone for conversation... (I believe the typical phrase used was "a date", momentarily evoking something out of Sixteen Candles (1984) or Pretty in Pink (1986).)

People who, like the rest of the planet, don't themselves meet those kind of evaluative criteria except in ad hoc, accidental before the fact, ways...

I kept silent because nothing wittily scathing immediately leapt to mind — and because, well, I try to keep silent around here unless I have something clearly constructive to say.

Now, I find that maybe it was all some kind of bad joke muhahahaha:

I think people love to make lists of what they want, what they THINK they want, and what they "must have!" but in practice, when love strikes, we'll cheerfully throw that out the window. [...]

Ultimately, I don't think we're qualified to [pre]judge what's good for us.
Well, glad to hear it. I agree, and I wish a lot more publicity for that main point.
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