Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Thought provoking: How flexible is the human mind? "You can't draw a circle around the part of the body that's the blood or the lymphatic system or the immune system -- it's everywhere -- but still they have a distinct anatomy because they were tailored by natural selection to solve a particular problem. I think that's going to be true of the mind as well." "A lot of our emotions are probably tailored to a world that no longer exists. We go into a rage when our name is besmirched; some people are led to violence. One of the leading causes of homicide is altercation over some trivial insult, where someone will get 'dissed' or insulted or shoved away from the pool table and come back with a gun." "People who have tried to catalogue plots in world fiction come up with the same, almost Darwinian, themes: family conflict, sexual conflict, conflict of power, conflict of survival. [...] In A Man In Full, a lot of what drives the characters are the drives for status and dominance. There's a huge amount of description of people's bodies. In particular, the men are described in terms of their musculature, how big they are, and how they radiate strength, and by implication a science of dominance."
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