Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

so true

This one, much like "correlation is not causation", deserves widespread reprinting:

Some of the issues his critics raise are SO IRRELEVANT to the various points Jonah was making that one has to wonder about the efficacy of responding to people who are so dull as to dwell on such things. Except they're everywhere! Most of the people I ran across in grad school insisted on dwelling on the least important, most pedantic elements of any given reading (aside from some of us trained by Lence always to ask "What difference does it make?"), and then dominating the discussion as if they had discovered knowledge worthy of a Nobel (question: was this behavior genuine, or an act to convince us all and ultimately themselves they belonged, that they really were "intellectuals?"). The same behavior predominates on LiveJournal (aside from some highly notable exceptions) and general purpose discussion boards. We've become wonderfully trained to "express" ourselves, and the tools to do so are becoming ever more accessible. But do we have anything to say? And to whom? Should we even bother to write for people who haven't a clue? That last is an old question, I'm discovering. (klw)
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