Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

self-control: fascinating non-debate!

An eight-month-old "debate" showcasing two thoughtful leaders working at one modern ethical frontier:

Formulating a modern spiritual worldview grounded in Darwinian self-understanding will be such a challenge�one of the great intellectual challenges, I think, of the next few decades.

What exactly do I mean by "spiritual"? My thoughts on that are a little too hazy to lay out concisely. Besides, this posting is starting to show disturbing signs of seriousness. Slate's proprietary gravitas-detecting software is no doubt sounding an alarm in Redmond right now.(Robert Wright)
I'm now thinking about how their ideas on stoicism tie in with my own ideas on heightenedsenses. Superficially, they advocate dispassion while I advocate extreme passion—but that superficial take is just that. More deeply, they and I each advocate some flavor of controlled passion.

Ben's statement a few months ago on "focus" and "agility" builds significant bridges across the remaining difference. [wish I could find a link to it! why is Google so bad at indexing livejournal?]

There's one tool I find very effective & therefore important that the stoics don't bother to mention: purposeful sublimation. (However, I suspect stoics actually practice a lot of sublimation, and that our words accidentally overstate our differences.)
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