Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

The non-obvious (klw, writing about me and Nietzsche and Strauss and teaching poli sci)

Kevin's journaled thoughts are often as compact as my own. His blogged parentheticals sometimes push even that up a notch!...

It's funny to momentarily imagine Nietzsche himself with a livejournal, posting his numbered aphorisms all day long. Attracting user comments like
  • I actually saw some guy JUST LIKE THAT the other day in the quad. Madman, raving, something about god and death. Then on Wednesday, that same freakazoid took my parking space during lunch. Grrrrr. - fratgrrl
  • Come on, the Sophists did it too! Long before Plato's teacher. - socratic_institute
  • Dude, you have GOT to get out more. - stoner23
  • Here we go again with your tired old blame game. - wagner_of_the_rings
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