Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

editorial cartoons:

Okay. An old friend just got a job doing editorial cartoons for a small town newspaper. He's asked me to help write the things, and I don't yet have anything to say.

I invite you to be an editorial cartoonist. Just reply here, and Brian may shape your words into published pen-and-ink flesh!

A good editorial cartoon must have five basic features.

* It must be simple. The cartoon in today's paper is a good example. It uses a metaphor, the final four in college basketball, to represent the recent decline in the market.

* People must understand it. The cartoon must make sense those who read the particular paper. A school newspaper might run a cartoon about cafeteria food that includes an inside joke and isn't readily understood by the general public. The cartoon would only make sense in the school newspaper.

* The cartoon must be timely. If the stocks start going back up, today's cartoon won't make sense in a couple of weeks.

* It must evoke emotion. A good cartoon should make people laugh or make them mad.

* Always, the cartoon must give a point of view. The cartoon may be looking at the truth, but it usually is coming from a specific viewpoint. When we look down at an object, the viewpoint is very different when we look up at the object. Editorial cartoons are the same way. ("An inside look at editorial cartoons")
Extra! Extra! Read your own words!
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