Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Paradoxical film review: The Suburbans is surprisingly good. It may require your low expectations, though!

That COULD be why there are so few positive reviews of it up on the web. *laugh*

One critic complains that it "unhappily[!] combines the sensibilities of Woody Allen and Dawson's Creek."

The Suburbans does rely on an acting style that I don't usually go for: the borderline-ironic, like most television series. It's nowhere near as bad in this department as say Galaxy Quest (which I found unwatchable during the 20 minute trial period to which I tend to subject promising movies).

Overall, I found The S a mostly comic and somewhat affecting slice of creepingly middle-aged lives — with several lives showcasing distinct personality types in some subtle ways.

[Not to be confused with SubUrbia, a 1996 gem happily combining the sensibilities of Eric Bogosian and Richard Linklater.]
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