Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

philosophical content: Tom's type must be The Know-It-All. (warning!: includes history of philosophy jokes)

I certainly hope I'm a good combination of:

The Five is the Observer. This guy can be a pleasure to play golf with since he doesn't say a word the whole round. He generally maintains a totally detached attitude throughout the round. He seems to be intensely interested in your shots, as he seems to glare right through you from time to time, but he never says anything. He just quietly goes about his business of mishitting the golf ball. The Five is alive.

The Eight is the Boss. This is the guy who's always telling everybody whose turn it is. "You're away," the Eight will say when no one asks for his opinion and everyone knows who is away. The Eight insists on honors when he has honors, otherwise it is "ready golf." The Eight knows the rules of golf and insists that everyone play as if they were in the Masters. If he doesn't know the rules of golf, he'll make them up as needed. The Boss is actually handy when one or two of the other players doesn't know the rules of golf. If the Boss sees you hit one out of bounds, he reminds you right away to hit another ball from the same spot. If you're in a hazard and look puzzled, he'll let you know that you can play it from there or even pick and clean it if winter rules are in force. I don't mind playing with an Eight. The Eight can be great.
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