Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Almost a week without an entry! What happened this time?...

1) All my best reading has been offline. If I could highlight dead tree passages with a magic finger and post them, you would have been deluged in delightful thought-provokers from The Mating Mind and How the Mind Works. I'm busily integrating a lot from these two books.

2) My usual net.haunts have been especially lackluster. For once, has lived up to its name. The Kaycee expose has been exciting but has felt strangely predictable over here. Perhaps because I'm such an outsider to "her" particulars (before now, I had never more than glanced at "her" pages) — and because I've seen and thought about well more than my share of similar situations. Unsurprisingly, I completely support Halcyon's reaction. I really should get around to meeting him...

In financial news, today I took a few minutes to support the growth of the Internet. Bought both eudaimonia and The Lockean.

I just now got "Thank You!" mail from Carolyn. Neat. I even know she exists.
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