Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Today's (about cranks) gives:

After co-creating Marvel's Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, Ditko left Stan Lee's snappy comebacks to super-villains stories for rinky dink indies and Charlton comics and the chance to fully express his devotion to Ayn Rand and her theories. His new heroes (Mr. A, The Mocker, and Killjoy among them) love ridiculing the weak and immoral about the holes in their thinking, such as one when villain offers Ditko's boy a deal. "Ha! Ha! A 'deal'," replies the voice of justice, "The magic words of the corruptor. My deal is no deal with your kind. You betrayed your own identity as a rational being ... sold out life to anti-life! You are nothing human, have nothing human to offer, what is a nothing from a nothing?"
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