Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Long ago, Michael advised me to "NEVER criticize a personal web site." Months later, in one of his many explosions of great writing, he made it one of Jaffo's Internet Rules.

I've been thinking about it this morning.

I'm thinking of expanding Michael's principle, taking it more to heart than ever before, and shaping a whole new social existence out of some flavor of "Never criticize!"

What might that be like?...

From where we now sit, it can be hard to imagine that social existence. In positive descriptive terms, it would be based purely 1) on each individual's own inner lights and self-evolving understandings, 2) on genuine feedback, and 3) on rare vulnerable moments of requested & demarcated constructive advice.

What if our culture were to treat advice a lot more like *sex*? As an intimate thing demanding sensitivity, heaping mounds of context, and even clear signs of consent.

Verbal rape! San Diego Courthouse, 2019: "This panel finds you guilty. Of delivering unsolicited advice across state lines. Your affirmative defense of 'feedback' was specifically considered — and found wanting."
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