Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Unintended consequence of replying to Kevin: My argument with Carolyn!

(To put my point in that argument more precisely: Her interview results do not at all surprise me.)

Further: Trends are deep and general, while event memories are specific. If you ask a random professional in a random industry why she's in that field right now, she's very unlikely to say something abstractly trend-revealing like, "Of all job offers I could secure that match my tastes and skills fairly well, this one supplies the best package of money, work environment and benefits! I guess that must be because my talents are so usefully combined with Bill's in today's business climate!" Nonetheless, simple large-scale observation plainly shows that workers go where the money is. Industries are born overnight when new ways to create massive value are invented. Every worker will have his own weird story of how he got into the new industry, but the general trends exist whether or not they ever appear in those stories.
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