Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Morning addendum: These economists are getting fame. Right here, for example; I know many of you had not heard of Gary Becker, and you may never had but for his controversial pledge.

They're not getting much fame, but then they're not facing much objective cost either. Most of their friends will not mock them for their brown-nosing fame-whoring sanction of the victim. George W. Bush is, sadly, more famous than great economists are, and they can take advantage: As long as their association with Bush Junior is newsworthy in both directions--newsworthy to mainstreamers as well as econfan obscurojournalists--they will earn more notably new exposure than he through this match made in shock.

If even one child...sees the endorsement, googles "public choice," gets a book on micro, and grows into a freedom-aware economist, their endorsement may well be worth this appearance of sanction. If not, maybe Buchanan will get more D.C. party invitations where he can model good conversation as a free-rider problem . . . Every man must live through his own fifteen minutes of whoredom. "Think of the hits!"
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