Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Some of these people know the below will not affect an election! When brilliantly radical scholars famous for questioning the mainstream turn around to proudly endorse a boring middle-of-the-road hot dog stand, who benefits? I sincerely wonder what these economists are getting out of this.

"Dear Colleague,
"We are writing to ask whether you would be willing to sign on to an
economists' statement (included at the end of this email) describing and
endorsing George W. Bush's economic proposals in this presidential
"Some of the economists who have already signed on include Gary Becker,
James Buchanan, Milton Friedman, Anne Krueger, Robert Lucas, Robert Mundell,
Myron Scholes, Anna Schwartz, George Shultz, Vernon Smith, and Finis Welch. It
would be great if you could do it as well."
-- a solicitation from these assuredly good-hearted timewasters
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