Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Caro shares some splendid thoughts on benevolent attitudes:

I still believe that it is reasonable and psychologically healthy to look for the good in people. Moreso than ever now, I believe Pollyanna is correct. Jesus too. I am a fisher of men. But now, I strive to hold only those small bits of goodness in my heart. Instead of blaming myself for what they do wrong and imagining them to be better than they are, I keep the horrid bits away with a very long stick. And through it all, I keep learning ways to be nice to them, even when they don't deserve it, because I never applied for the job of Police Officer to the Universe. I am honest because I deserve it, and similarly I am nice because I deserve it.

This is the most important thing: the scales of justice are balanced. People who do intentional evil get what they deserve, even when it looks on the surface like they've gotten away with it. And they get what they deserve whether you or I or all the human race withhold our sanction or not, because, in fact, the universe does make sense.
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