Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

These few weeks back in SD, I've been spending more and more time productively out of doors, reading and learning "out in the world," as I call away-from-home. Some solidly productive time today really underscored for me that much of my best, most truly energizable time at home has been eaten up by those voracious gods of "creative" web exploration (undirected web surfing). Fresh from introspection and ecology-checking this evening, I'm now confident that I'm happiest when essentializing my focus through filters of more stringent time management choices.

Andrew's Draconian Time Management Plan, Surf Balance Clause version1.0:
Use the web regularly and habitually only for googling specific queries, for reading directly about new things that are worth specifically researching. Visit each blog etc no more than once per week. Spend a couple hours or a little more each week 'catching up' on all the bloggish sites I read, the point being to keep the catch-up down to one session's patience threshold. During next week's catch-up session, make a folder logging the sites you visit during the session. Use and modify that folder to automate future sessions.
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