Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

I've been focusing a lot lately on what I call the 'static vs dynamic model of self-presentation':

Imagine a typical 1997 geocities quips & dog pictures & 'Under Construction' & outlinks page. Contrast that with Michael's site when it's updated daily.

Before the cultural magic of blogging, almost all personal sites were really bad. Now, at least ten times as many are engagingly good. This has to do with dynamism, the dynamic expression and presentation of selves: our newfound likelihood of seeing each others' online selves in action on their sites.

In 'real life', I used to feel that my SELF could be understood within a few hour conversation, that my METHOD of presentation could be clear at that point, a method that (to me!) implies the most important parts of me. Now, I appreciate far more how richly contoured we human beings are--and how simply living and observing each other is so detailedly powerful. I no longer try to 'frontload' everything into acontextual verbalisms right off. Patience is sometimes a virtue...
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