Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

For those who may wonder why I, Michael or others pay any attention at all to Ross Jeffries:

I found this quotable (from a Jeffries e-mail) squirreled away on one of his opponents' sites:

"Speed Seduction is rather about the understanding that people crave
altered states and very few can produce or design the ones that really make
them feel wonderful. If you can show them how you can lead them into
experiencing wonderful emotional connections. wonderful body sensations AND
intense visualizations then you will have lit up their neurology unlike
anyone else they've ever met.

"Ultimately, that's what we want: people and experiences that light up
our neurology. I think this just makes a lot more sense than the TA [Transactional Analysis, popularized in the 1970's by I'm Ok, You're Ok--Andrew] model
and gives a lot more practical methodology for pursuing that goal.

"I think most men don't have a clue on how to use their language to
light up a woman's neurology; not the least of the reasons for this is that
most people, male or female, don't know how to communicate in a way that is
structured to capture and lead the other person's imagination, which is the
bedrock, foundational, FIRST rule of speed seduction."
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