Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Andrew: i find that i already have mythical readers in my mind. within a day, i viscerally realized that no reader puts even a quarter of the focus/time into my entries that i do. and that i'm really writing to like a god's eye view, some mythical supergenius who in simply skimming my blog puts as much mindpower into parsing my subtle choices as i do over the half hour or more that goes into some of the carefully scripted entries.

"every journal is an invitation," michael likes to say. that's so true, but it didn't take me long to feel that the invitation is more to fictional half-sketched characters in my [subconscious].

Zletavia!: the inner world is often so much more...lush, and characterization, for myself, consists of "thought-people" not heavily informed entities, by any means, just random passers by in the well organized nebulous cloud...
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