Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Yesterday's bloglet went out to you while I was standing at a kitchen counter (the kitchen counter on the living room side...that sounds bizarre! I should upload pictures). This new laptop entered my world a couple months ago as it became clear that more and more travel would visit upon my near future.

For the less travel-intensive of schedule, there is a rarely noted wonderful use for laptops. A use in which I've been recently reveling. I love the changes of perspectives that computer mobility within the home brings. (Relatedly, I'm increasingly adding to my physical perspectives by typing in Dvorak as well as Qwerty.) Right now, there are at least seven different positions within 100 feet of here at which I perch for various flavors of freedom and novelty.

I jotted this in my private journal three days ago:

'The value of standing while typing. I've been sitting too much this week. Feels wonderful to stand! Especially once I'm used to pacing in front of a classroom.

'Laptops are unpredictably wonderful for creative, put-me-in-slightly-different-enviroperspectives people!

'I love that I can leech through Napster only three inches from a fast-flowing desktop fountain.'
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