Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

This week, my main theoretical thrust has been to hack away at the Randian culture-flows-down-from-elites descriptive paradigm. Flowing from a great live discussion last Sunday, I've found myself making novel points illustrating bottom-up taste-driven economics & culture.

Why are almost all literary fiction pieces so dark-side-of-naturalistic? Why is the hip college writer one who wallows and wallows and then weaves one little message of hope & tolerance somewhere into each piece (and then often moves to disguise even that little message)?

Equivalent questions abound about trends in film, music, the visual arts, and even psychology of communication.

Rand used to blame "bad philosophy" for such trends she didn't like, and praise "good philosophy" for trends she did. Surely there are more interesting reasons for our tastes, explanations for our trends...
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