Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

If you follow only one link from my blog this sparse month, make it this one!

I immersed myself for a few hours in a Barnes & Nobel today, flipping through a list of books recommended by friends over the past few weeks. None of those books were great, though I got something from most of them. List completed, I picked up one more book, almost at random, from the special display shelves. The cover design was stylish, and the title appealing.

The book itself is fantastic: Promoting my own heightenedsenses/perspectivism concept, it is the best integration of theory and examples I've found. It is what A Natural History of the Senses could have been, yet very practical and conceptual as well. Though it focuses on intensely full-time romantic relationships, it has tons to offer almost any life circumstance. Here: Simple Loving
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