Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

in which everyone else leaves the cities to the biggest liberals

Oh, wow, just realized this works toward a real explanation of why folks who live in walkable big cities (like SF, NYC) are so liberal.

Walking a big city is wildly noisy. It presents streams of "threatening visual images."

I learned this week that even a very confident, multitasking, neurotypical-in-good-ways ;) friend had quit a job in the core city in large part because she didn't like how she felt the buildup of high-alert commute walks changing her.

More sensitive people (like me) feel the most pressured to leave. If we are also less liberal, the city gets left as an evaporatively cooling group, viz.:
In the classic "When Prophecy Fails", one of the cult members walked out the door immediately after the flying saucer failed to land. Who gets fed up and leaves first? An average cult member? Or a relatively more skeptical member, who previously might have been acting as a voice of moderation, a brake on the more fanatic members?

After the members with the highest kinetic energy escape, the remaining discussions will be between the extreme fanatics on one end and the slightly less extreme fanatics on the other end, with the group consensus somewhere in the "middle".

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