Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

The FLDS Raid

How can people not be freaked out by all this? Seeing a whole town of strangely dressed women crying because an "investigation" took all their babies away?

I get the theoretical possibility that the whole town was just eeeevil...but shouldn't reasonable outsiders be more curious and less bloodthirsty?

Texas took all of a neighborhood's 416 children into "custody" for at least weeks...and took away their phones "to prevent evidence tampering" and...incidentally...prevent any natural social support.

Standard procedure, I guess...for criminals. Not for communities.

All "normal" people apparently want to take these women's kids away & force them into the public schools! Or maybe design special reeducation camps to dispel their particular religious delusions and familial bonds! (I'd love to sculpt curricula to dispel ALL religious delusions...but I'm equal-opportunity like that.)

Where's the empathy? "Normal" people just can't imagine this happening to the innocent? They feel it's somehow justified? (To selectively enforce an anti-polygamist cartel, sometimes you gotta break a few eggs?)

The single best comment I found, in my quick quest to find anyone with sane reactions:

Some background of teenage pregnancies in Texas:

The non-Hispanic white rate is 60 per 1,000, the black rate is 130 per 1,000 and the Hispanic rate is 145 per 1,000.

The rate at YFZ seems to be 45 per 1,000. Twenty[-five] percent lower than the rate for other Texas girls in the polygamous girls’ demographic cohort and more than [68%] lower than among Hispanic girls in Texas.

That indicates that underage girls at YFZ are 20 percent less likely to have sex than other white girls across the state and 60 percent less likely to have sex than Hispanic girls across the state.

The rate of teen pregnancy at YFZ is lower than the rate of teen pregnancy in more than three-quarters of Texas counties.

The best thing the state can do now is apologize. If they are sincere in wanting to protect teenaged women from getting pregnant, they ought to take lessons from YFZ, because they are doing a better job of it than the state as a whole.

In the majority of these cases the male was only a few years older than the female (i.e. the male partner was also a teenager).

This Denver woman apparently played Mrs. O'Leary's cow in all this -- because she just so happens to enjoy repeatedly calling 911, pretending to be abuse victims in different invented scenarios!

And, I love that this is an international "law" argued to prohibit polygamy:

Polygamous marriage contravenes a woman’s right to equality with men, and can have such serious emotional and financial consequences for her and her dependents that such marriages ought to be discouraged and prohibited. The Committee notes with concern that some States parties, whose constitutions guarantee equal rights, permit polygamous marriage in accordance with personal or customary law. This violates the constitutional rights of women… (qtd. in ACLRC, 2004: 9). (Canadian blogger)

...when everyone who's anyone sees that enforced monogamy is actually a cartel among 90% of men to create peaceful stability at the immediate expense of 100% of women and 10% of men.
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