Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Want a gift of 2 extra hours every day?!

I was an 8 hour sleeper (maybe 7.5). Now, for going on 6 weeks, I'm at ~5.6+-1. (This morning, 4.5...and I feel terrific.)

What's changed?

It might be high-energy transitionalness (surges of motive power for fresh personal opportunities)...but I doubt it because I've never experienced a sleep shift nearly this profound.

I bet it's the 5-HTP. It's a serotonin-inspirer that I just started taking as both a sleep-deepener and a mood-enhancer (tilt-blocker). 200mg/day, as one dose ~20 minutes before bed.

I expected to feel more rested...but nothing like this! I've never heard a report of suddenly sleeping much less & feeling as or more rested.

I'm writing this down mostly because it's potentially so hugely valuable...extremely worth sharing as an opportunity for you to self-experiment. 2 hrs/day is tremendous payoff. And, it doesn't feel like a drug; subjectively, even a little caffeine feels more significant (psychoactively, experientially) than this. Many years ago, I used drugstore "sleeping pills" for a short while; those felt many many times more like a freight train than this. Vivid dreams are the biggest felt effect.

If I keep feeling so good on so little sleep, should this just become my lifestyle choice? Do you think I'm doing any damage?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, stopped showing these effects -- after almost another month. I've now (Feb 4th) totally ceased the supplement (for now, nothing dramatic), and am happily experiencing many of the same positive effects from STOPPING that I did from STARTING. I'm now guessing that a lot of the positive mood, et cetera effects have to do with CHANGING body chemistry in this way rather than the direction of change...
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