Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

"Time Enough For Counting"

Aaron Brown essentializes poker's game theory frontier in Willmott magazine (a journal of quantitative finance):

A minority of games have "vying" aspects, chances to adjust the stake with impact on the play of the game. Poker is unique as a pure vying game. The outcome is entirely luck. Skill cannot be exercised on the cards, only on the setting of the stake. [...]

[Vying] is the only theoretically interesting popular game. There is interesting work to be done on games like chess and go, but the basic theory is already known. Existing algorithms could play perfectly. But we still have no accepted theory for poker, or bidding in bridge, or Monopoly. [...]

I think the proper way to analyze poker is through derivative accounting. [...]

The only edge you get in poker [from someone who knows your full basic strategy] comes from bluffing. [...]

Poker may be the only activity popularly considered to evidence both masculinity and intelligence.
(nice pdf)

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