Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

my most candid moment

Last week's Future Salon was world designer Raph Koster promoting his superb-looking book A Theory of Fun: Why Games Matter.

He believes that we & kids ARE much influenced by video games, but mostly in very different ways than conservative non-gamers fear. Games' implicit mechanical structures of "what matters" (like whether it's better to clear a level as quickly as possible, or meanderingly collect bonuses) penetrate more deeply into our personalities than surface imagery.

Raph nonetheless described a game that disturbs even him on naive non-gamer grounds: a Palestinian game about shooting "just Jews" & avoiding other targets that he also judges disturbingly "Manichean" (black & white thinking) in its simplistic mechanics behind a vivid, seemingly more complex world.

I interrupted to make sure, " mean they really...built no way of dealing with half-Jews?!"
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