Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

I'm busily preparing for a trip right now . . . Philadelphia area, for all you stalkers :).

Last night, I visited with Paul and Diana, who sagely suggest that it would be very cool to colorcode the purpose/relevance of each of my links on this site. Each link makes immediate sense to me in context, but then I wouldn't need to use words at all if we were psychic!

My first pass at colorcodable link categories: 1) Independently amusing, barely suggestive relevance (like 'stalkers' above). 2) Independently worthwhile, barely suggestive relevance (like most any possible link to or 3) Adding context to clarify my meaning (like linking a shot of a beautiful sky from 'blue' to distinguish it from a bad mood; or most of my repeated links to friends' sites), usually independently amusing as well because I rock like that. 4) Adding context AND independently worthwhile (like links to Nietzsche quotes). 5) Borderline constituting its own blog entry from me (like my not-so-subtle list of favorite repeated-viewing films).

I would appreciate other suggestions on this idea! Also, I wonder what prior art exists along these lines . . .

I'm acting as a Java trainer up there in the Land of Bryn Mawr. We just may find out how long I can live without Jamba Juice.

Ramping up! Paul and I use that phrase to describe the spiraling and building of great romantic opportunities. Joanna and I are healthily happy. She continues to amaze me with her energetic connections.

'Club 23' is starting to take off, infused with direction by Peter Chang and Tom Scudder. I don't yet know whom to credit for its evolving site design.
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