Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

now playing in theaters!

I'm shocked & awed that I've seen & loved THREE current releases:

  • V For Vendetta: intense, sculptedly perfect, much like Batman Begins; smoothly combining Bruce Wayne & Cyrano de Bergerac, V is a revolutionary (anarcho-liberaltarian) long-arc-calculating (almost omniscient) individualist moralist with a great sense of humor (his John Galt television speech is A+++ charming!). 9.5+/10

  • Inside Man: the calmest, maybe smartest Hostage Situation film ever. Spike Lee doesn't linger on many "tense" expected moments; instead the editing flows to the story's best pace. 8.25+/10

  • Thank You For Smoking: witty. Aaron Eckhart becomes a more conventional, realistic version of his most extreme type (clearest in In The Company Of Men, Your Friends & Neighbors), maintaining all of the charm, little of the sociopathy. It could have used more surprises/minute. 7.5+/10

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