Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

TED keynote at home!

neurogirl just out of nowhere composed and spoke the most amazing rant on how I've been ignoring great computer innovations the last few years (I notice all the time how my geek/gadget life has barely changed since 1999...sure, my LCD keeps getting bigger & the bloggers keep getting smarter, but nothing that feels qualitative...and I snarkily complain about this to futurists). Video games, iPods, wireless, better cameras, myspace...these haven't much interested me but she argues they are huge from the perspective of building toward whole new virtual world type options & also huge re: how they affect the kids.

She's convincing me that our technical consumer world is still getting better & better at about the same impressive rate as in the '90s, just in ways that I don't care nearly as much about because I'm so cerebral & not so young. She's also suggesting that I should probably play more with these various newfangled devices to maintain my brain plasticity & sharpen my cultural in-touch-ness!

Her main approach was integrating what she sees her students doing & what she knows tech companies work on. Many brilliant observations. Thank you, Danielle, and I think they should offer you a good time slot next year!
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