Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Making space for deep insight...

Grant McCracken waxes on different modes of thinking:

Pattern recognition takes a little perspective, a bigger picture, a little distance, and time to think.

When we are stuffing our heads with 112 reports in a week, these deeper powers simply fall quiet. They spend all their time sorting and filing. There is no time for re/re/reconfiguration.

In quiet, I can hear my own unconscious mind obsessing in its search for a pattern. “What about this?” “What about this?”  “What about this?” It is configuring and reconfiguring and configuring again. Occasionally, the conscious mind will say, “Actually [it likes to patronize the unconscious mind shamelessly], that’s pretty good. We can work with that.” The unconscious mind does not take umbrage. It has gone back to its obsessive search for that more perfect pattern.

Sometimes, it happens. There are moments when the unconscious moment knows that it’s got something and then it comes in triumph.

There is that Svaha moment when we know we have an idea, but we don’t know what the idea is. We can feel it rising (funny that it always feels like rising, like the mind actually buys the Freudian, and not just Freudian, notion that it arranges vertically) and the rising only takes about, oh, 2 second, but those two seconds are joyful. We have it. It will be marvelous. Hey, presto, it is marvelous. Can’t touch this.

Bill, Dude, Stop Cramming For The Future

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