Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

my delicious...

I've long maintained a Favorites folder of links-it-could-be-nice-to-livejournal. I've occasionally hit y'all with ten at a time so as not to separately clutter friends' pages. On retrospect, this hasn't been a great method: Each link gets lost in a sea of too little attention like that, and it adds a layer of energy barriers such that I must summon special superhuman motivation to bother at all ;)

Somewhere between private bookmarks & a full-fledged weblog lies a del-icio-us new medium. Thanks to candid & hober for pioneering enough to get me to look closely at it!

It feels perfectly minimalist yet feature-rich. Explore it; I bet you'll appreciate. It's in 'pre-pre-alpha' but works better than plenty of betas out there. Its early adopter crowd is extremely techie-slanted, but other interests/categories will flesh out before long.

It's the first technology I've seen in 5 years where I've actually thought, "This could be the next livejournal!"

So, my quick hits now generally go here: -- which notjaffo's dubbed AndrewPundit. If you'd rather just watch there from LJ for now, here's an RSS feed: andrewpundit

Almost forgot! Del's popular page is the new blogdex! I predict it will soon eclipse blogdex in usefulness.
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