Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

After Sunrise?

I've waited nine years for a sequel, and I just now saw it...and I'm way beyond undisappointed enough to announce:

It's great!! At core, it's a 75-minute meet-up that I loved to voyeur. I'm pretty sure this was my best cinema experience since 2002.

This time around, Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy wrote most of the dialogue. They performed brilliantly as writers, actors & everything in-between. Their fully integrated artistry reminds me of The Anniversary Party -- and that's definitely a good thing.

Before Sunset is Lost In Translation's more ambitious & talented cousin: an unapologetic romance fueled by a great conversation that pulls other worlds into its own vortex of meaning.

They've created a true event -- doing this follow-up so many years later. As the characters marvel at how their individual personalities haven't fundamentally changed, I think to notice how that's true of the actors & of myself.

(Maybe now I will forget all about that fun-but-total-fluff remake of The Bad News Bears I never mentioned here...)
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