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Living Vs Disappearance: The Fundamental Alternative? ;)

seattlesque offers:

Many people don't grasp the idea that "if someone moves away and you never hear about them again, they might as well have died...whether they are dead or not". It means that often times, we'll let our fears hold people captive in our world for no good reason.

There is a universal premise which applies in computer science, as well as new-age metaphysics as and every aspect of plain-old-every-day life. That premise is: "for maximum flexibility in re-arrangement, make your dependencies explicitly known."

Thus, I think we should be converging on social "contracts"...explaining what we appreciate and would like to do with our friends in the world, and if we can't think of anything then we let them go optimize their lives in other ways (even if that means jumping off a cliff). Being honest is an obvious way to get more out of life. Without admitting to each other what we really can we ever expect to get it?

Yet a common symptom is that people have decided some things are just impossible...and there's a whole "cult of impossibility" out there. These people are fun to play with...because if everyone believed anything was possible, magicians would be out of work! The goal is to make sure that everyone leaves the show believing in personal empowerment...or if they are going to spread the message of limitation, then it's the teacher's job to make sure they've been clearly labeled with a dunce cap. (I think the labeling on Ayn Rand couldn't be more I appreciate leveraging the work as a beautiful example of "how not to think".)

A good experiment for seeing if you might have possibly gotten stuck in the cult of impossibility might be to make a list of all the things you thought would be great ideas when you were a kid, but you now think "won't work" or are otherwise frowned upon by society. If you could be a superhero, what would your powers be? ("Set Your Hopes Up Way Too High")
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