Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Birthday Girl

Today is the lovely & talented neurogirl's bday — giving me a fun excuse to list why I love her. We've lived together for close to a year now...

Danielle stays special because she:
  • has more follow-through than Agassi, unrelentingly creating whatever she wants
  • automatically charms us all through her sheer purity; only Beelzebub could be immune

  • fully appreciates first-season Dawson's Creek, Cameron Crowe films, and some TMBG ;)

  • inspires me to greater integrity*

  • loves like she's never been hurt

  • cooks like she doesn't love salad

  • lives in sublime grace

  • trains students how to be like her

* Roughly accurate:
Enneagram Ones and Fives are alike in many ways, particularly in their reticence to show their emotions directly and in their identification with their minds. [...] share a rich mental life of intellectual stimulation, curiosity, and a multiplicity of mutual interests [...] They both are highly respectful of personal boundaries, rarely being the one to make the first move in anything regarding intimacy unless they have pretty strong signals from the other that they would be welcomed. Thus, Ones and Fives tend to bring a certain formality and courtesy to each other that can be charmingly courtly and old-fashioned. Ones add to this a concern with logic and order, with systematic thinking, attention to details and the desire to improve the world around them. Fives bring curiosity, the willingness to be intellectually adventuresome, a taste for the bizarre and illogical, and the ability to relish disorder, chaos, and lack of apparent meaning. There is quiet affectionate appreciation in this pairing. If romance develops, it develops slowly but deeply.
Maybe our romance began so swiftly because we both went to Seven! Danielle goes to Seven easily because she's an extremely healthy One. I go to Seven easily because...I'm not ;)
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