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WAY too many links!

Now. I know this is kinda ridiculous. I've been stockpiling these gems for months. Here's my thinking, though: It's not like you'll fully explore even 3 of them right now! So, since you really need to bookmark this entry anyway ;), I might as well share all I can — more than a dozen. Take baby steps:

how to ruin your life! (...for the voices in your head) (Andrew in a comment)

Great Expectations? Almost everything in life goes worse than expected. (Steven Landsburg rocks the intellectual house with a most brilliant & accessible application of 'regression to the mean')

Why don't we just buy Mexico and Canada?! (Dennis Miller entertains re: immigration)

Best All-In-One Nietzsche Lecture Notes Ever! (did you ever wonder what his famous sound bites really mean & why they matter? read this!)

"The problem is you can't always know what you want." ('happiness' researcher looks at 'impact bias' — how most news will matter less than you think — and more)

evaluating the attitude of gratitude (another great crasch find from ages ago)

Fixing Venture Capital (VCs do not have goals that are aligned with the goals of the company founders. This creates a built-in source of stress in the relationship. Specifically, founders would prefer reasonable success with high probability, while VCs are looking for fantastic hit-it-out-of-the-ballpark success with low probability.)

Simon's Hierarchy of Consciousness (the nature of our awareness & mental actions)

MoodFoods: 'You are what you eat.' (awesome short literature review of diets-as-drugs! — and wonderfully link-rich: On a much grander scale it may be conjectured, albeit unprovably one way or the other, that the often pacifistic and fatalistic religious traditions of the Indian subcontinent are linked to their high-carbohydrate but tryptophan-rich staple diet of rice and legumes. Conversely, it might be expected that tribes or civilisations typified by high-protein red-meat-eaters, many other things being equal, should as stereotype suggests be temperamentally more aggressive to each other as well.)

The Sopranos Meets Everquest (big academic article on the social networking practices in mmorpg worlds)

Should you peel bananas from the bottom up? (Steven Landsburg verifies ways to stir up f-u-n in academic economics)

might as well face it, you're addicted to love! (some throwaway science news; will never become as famous as Al-Pacino-as-John-Milton's, "Overrated! Biochemically no different from eating large quantities of chocolate.")

marriage tames geniuses, criminals (more throwaway science news, "theorizing" a competitive edge among men to fight for glory and gain the attention of women)

CodeFellas (Wired profiles scofflaw libertarian professional-card-player-turned-techie-for-NYC-gambling-operations)

Best All-In-One Nietzsche Lecture Notes Ever! (these deserve a second placement here at the end!)
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