Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

The Ideal: Obtain it or become it?

It's an interesting distinction: those who worry about being good enough, versus those who worry about having enough. (self-perfectionists vs. hedonists?) It seems more women worry about being good enough (so many focusing on their weight for example), and more men worry about having enough (feeling that they "deserve" beautiful women for example, or at least focusing more on wanting one than on their own worthiness). Never a total dichotomy, of course; most everyone is some sort of combination. But, there does seem to my eyes to be a rather significant difference among many people.

Judging by your actions, senses of empowerment, and regrets, do you want to be your ideal, or do you want to have your ideal? Do you know why, and if so, do you like your reasoning? Regardless of self, what do you consider to be the ups and downs of each perspective, and where do you consider to be an ideal place on this spectrum?
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