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A Comedy Troupe Interview & A Parody

Very amusing:
Michael Ian Black: [Working at] MTV is a lot like being in Menudo.

Interviewer: You get kicked out after a certain age? Like in Logan's Run?

Michael Ian Black: It's a lot like Logan's Run, but my reference was funnier.


David Wain: I think it's some of the funniest stuff we've ever done.

Michael Showalter: He does. That's what's so unbelievable. There's no critical eye. There's no critical anything. Everything you do, you love. It's like some weird form of autism. He likes everything he's ever done.

Michael Ian Black: That's a good way to go through life.

Michael Showalter: It's not a positive outlook, though. It's like mental retardation. It's like Chauncey Gardner in Being There. What did you think of that movie, David? Did you like it?
(Stella press)

Also amusing: Office 2003 Feature Comparisons (detailed parody)
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