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Creating vs Fixing; win/win vs zero-sum...

...what you truly want is best accomplished by focusing on what you want, not on problems you don’t want. The key is to integrity in life and culture is creating – bringing into being – what matters most to you. Not because it’s a solution to a problem, but simply because you love it and want to see it exist.

All the great things are done for their own sake. The great artists, leaders and visionaries of history were not problem-solvers. They were builders – creators – bringing into being the creations that truly mattered to them.

Jung felt the most important problems of life “can never be solved, but only outgrown.” Patients, he saw, improved when “some higher or wider interest” focused their attention. Their problem “was not solved logically … but faded when confronted with a new and stronger life urge.” True creating taps into and channels that stronger life urge. On two levels. First, we create specific creations. Things like a safe, mutually respectful, loving relationship, a solar-heated, cottage, an organic garden, a plan for financial independence in five years, a home-based business, or a more creative and fulfilling job where we currently work.

We also create ourselves and our lives. We can best create a life that is an integral whole, that which we glimpse in our most perfect moments, by structuring specific creations so they align with and support our highest aspirations and deepest longings.

Shifting your primary focus from solving-problems to creating-what-matters makes possible a new vision of success.

The alternative to creating what we most want is to endure whatever we get. To integrate our lives and our culture, we’d do best to see ourselves as creators, architects of our own futures.
("Living Well, Living Deeply", a surprisingly motivational -- though obnoxiously stilted -- granola essay mailed to me by girlpurple in an apparently 'casting a very wide net' mode!)
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