Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

the world's most successful street performer?

Underwear-sporting 'cowboy' in Times Square making $200K/year in tips:

Although he could easily afford a nice West Village pad, the Naked Cowboy resides in a dumpy joint called the Royal Motel. Situated near the Lincoln Tunnel in Secaucus, he pays $350 a week for a bed, clean sheets and a place to park his car at night. Not once has he attended a Broadway performance, and the names of swank Manhattan restaurants are foreign to him. Whenever he is not performing, Burck can be found either working out at a nearby health club or poring through page after page of books by his hero, the motivational speaker-author Anthony Robbins.

"This isn't about money," Burck says. "Money keeps me alive, but I don't need much. It's about the message."

And what, exactly, would that be?

The Naked Cowboy looks me directly in the eyes. It is the conviction of a man who spends long hours in his tightie-whities, and it is very real. "That we all have the special gifts to do whatever we dream of," he says. "That a kid from small-town Ohio with no career path can spend his days in his underwear in the greatest city in the world, and be free of oppression and hate the three-piece suits.

"That the Naked Cowboy is a little piece of all of us."
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