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India Palace vs The Wherehouse

When in SD, I go to India Palace, La Jolla, all the time. Too often, I am the only person there. Note that the place seats like 150, the ambience is awesome, and the daily buffet is FANTASTIC -- so it bothers me that they don't have more addicted customers. I keep expecting them to go out of business -- despite many reviews (and me!) ranking them #1 in our county of 3,000,000...

A block away is a Wherehouse. Well, was. Today was their last day, and big dramatic signs shouted, "90% - 90% Off Everything!" These signs had evolved over several weeks starting from "10% - 30% Off"...

Driving by for other reasons today, I thought, "Really, how many times am I going to get the chance to see what one of those awful chain music stores looks like on its LAST day?? Who will be there? What will be left?" So, I stopped & went in...

They're still selling all the shelves -- maybe 20 CD's left out of their original 1000's -- and a "$500 - no! - $300" hanging marquee framed by lightbulbs only a Blockbuster(R) could love.

All 20 CD's are on the closest shelf to the front door. I ignore them to stride to the middle of the floor & take a good look around. My interest is in the overall scene, the general feel of the store on its last day.

When my gaze eventually examines the customers browsing the remaining unwanted discs, I count 5 of them jockeying for space. Among them? Two of the India Palace staff!!
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