Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

good copy: learning & sharing

Kurt Vonnegut quipped that being a good writer is like being a good first date: You make people comfortable immediately, and you take advantage of them!

I live in a world of hundred million dollar motion pictures and multibillion dollar theme parks and I'd come to believe that people just don't care about books. Books are boring. People don't read books. And [Vonnegut] goes: 'And I wonder why a guy like me even bothers to write books.' He says: 'But I tell you, I've figured it out. The reason a writer writes books is to let the reader know that there's somebody else out there that believes the same things and has the same dreams.'

[Sure, some] writers invent things and create things out of thin air, but I believe the vast majority of writers simply speak to readers and confirm their thoughts and tell stories that resonate with them.

I've found that, even on my author tour, I no longer speak, I tell stories. I tell about four or five stories that are real. Some that are in the book, some that came after the book. And that is much more valuable than talking at people: You should do this and then you should do that and this is my proof and blah blah blah. It's really about telling stories and having people say: I live that. I do that. It's like a good comedian does the same thing. The funniest comedian tells something that happened to you on the way to the place.
(Tim Sanders, "Lovecat")
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