Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,


A New York psychoanalyst is trying to create a dating service in which men and women would be matched up by people who know them intimately: their therapists.

The service, which is signing up clients but not yet pairing them, is open only to people undergoing psychotherapy. In contrast to standard, self-composed dating pitches - "great sense of humor, loves the outdoors" - clients of TheraDate will be assessed on such factors as obsessiveness, defense mechanisms and nervous tics.

TheraDate's creator, Frederick Levenson, is convinced that such data, obtained from confidential questionnaires done by a client's therapist, can be the building blocks for compatible long-term relationships. He believes that people in therapy are attracted to others with similar experiences.

"The smartest people are the ones in therapy," he said. "They're wonderful people, very bright, very funny."
(just some uninspired newspaper text)
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