Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

New Massive Attack!

I'm on the 3rd track of the new MA album, 100th Window. Just as that short review says, it's Mezzanine plus. Fantastic! Check your local file-sharing listings.

The Guardian wrote a juicier review:

The[re are] recordings of polka medleys that have more in common with Blue Lines than 100th Window does. (!)

Every recognisable element of their debut has been stripped away: the breakbeats, scratches and funk samples are replaced by softly bleeping electronics, spectral guitar figures and clattering drum machines.

One recent interview trumpeted Del Naja as a "cerebral hedonist", claiming he preferred to write and record at the end of a lengthy bender. That sounds like a risky technique. [...] plunging into a chemically heightened heart of darkness in pursuit of uncomfortable truths --

It's hard to think of a recent album this vague. The tempo never varies from a listless crawl; the vocals, rhythms and arrangements all struggle to stay in the background. Sometimes this oblique approach works wonderfully.
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