Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

L.A. slang & diet confirmation


[20:00] jeannie: i had to come back to hollywood early. sorry we weren't able to see e/o!
[20:01] perspectivism: only in LA is 'e/o' a standard abbreviation!
[20:02] perspectivism: i/t/y/s/i/t/B!!!!
[20:02] perspectivism: (i think your screenplay is the bomb)


diet note:

I eat a lot of ice cream (~700kCal/day), and through simple experiments (self-observation) have decided that it's actually good for me (in the context of a protein-rich, otherwise shockingly paleo diet) & have many times found myself advocating it as a surprisingly well-balanced satisfying food. A couple days ago, I got curious about how much energy (calories) our bodies spend ingesting cold foods like ice cream and water...I didn't find any interesting results out there (about our bodies' efficiency at heating cold foods), but I did chance across these interesting health principles, most of which seem obviously good & one of which favorably mentions my good friend ice cream!: Universal Nutrition. (GI == glycemic index)
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