Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Notable thoughts, or...actual JOURNALING here! ;)

People most naturally express at their most typical level of consciousness, and the causation runs in both directions. Corollary: Authors & artists -- at least the fast & prolific ones -- are usually exactly who they superficially seem. (I half-on-purpose "forget" this a lot, especially w/r/t filmmakers and livejournalists!)

"Member of no tribe" is always false. The modern urban tribes are fascinating evershifting scenic scapes, so evershifting that we often don't perceive them even though they're there as a bedrock. And, we create them ourselves with or without awareness of our complicity. And, they're different for each of us. Tribe here is an in-the-head&heart sense, not an outside concrete. Everyone is always caught up in an important social matrix (real or imagined!), usually several, just running as low-priority threads at the times when you think they're not there at all.

When you're someone who best filters the world through through your own self-analysis, then minimizing self-analysis -- trying to simplify & shut down & be more naively Buddhist -- leads to ignoring the world! Being very sensate does reduce one's consciousness to range-of-the-moment, sadly...
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