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Great quotes from Simon

On the values of mutual deepconnecting:

Consciousness also gives us a level of control we never had before, if we can escape this dangerous middle ground and re-take control of the lower levels--of ourselves, and of other people. Recognize and accept the hard-wiring, and use it. It is the control panel of our motivations, the helm of our will. Before us is a button labeled desire. Push it--we all want desire, right?

Many of the images I have always carried in my head of desirable
interpersonal interactions are heavily based on mutual hacking
, on
intentionally pushing those buttons to raise the level of experience to
something well above mundane life. It is perhaps even a defining
characteristic of my "ideal" companion that she enjoy not just
meta-cognition, but meta-behavior. Those are key ingredients of a truly
superliminal relationship.

...because a part of me says I don't really want someone who lacks the
strength, courage and enthusiasm to make a warm start out of every
opportunity life brings.

- simonfunk's "Hacking La Femme"
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