Andrew (perspectivism) wrote,

Nietzsche plunged razor-sharp teeth into our social instincts, but the savvy pitchmen rip & feast!

Grounds and their groundlessness: You dislike him and present many grounds for this dislike -- but I believe only in your dislike, not in your grounds! You flatter yourself in your own eyes when you suggest to yourself and to me that what has happened through instinct is the result of a process of reasoning.

Approval: One approves of marriage firstly because one does not yet know it, secondly because one has got used to the idea of it, thirdly because one is married -- in almost every case, that is to say. And yet none of this is proof that marriage is a good thing.

(Nietzsche: Daybreak, Book IV, 358 & 359)


One of my true joys in our free economy is seeing how instinctive social urges give rise to naked market needs. Yesterday, I clicked on some AdWords & got rewarded with perhaps the best-written niched psych-of-communication pitch letter ever: StopYourDivorce. Mmmmm, agitate that sharp pain!
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